Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey It's All About You!

I just spent a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend.  She is one I can share my dreams and aspirations with, she will listen to my ramblings and my grumblings and still loves me.  She is a true friend.  I am so grateful for her.
She invited me to attend a luncheon with her where we listened to a presentation on brain development and how children's brains are affected by toxic stress and about the importance of nurturing relationships in the healthy development of our little ones.  What we once thought to be so is changing.  We are understanding more and more on the amazing abilities of our minds.
That was very exciting and I enjoyed the yummy lunch (best crème brule I have ever had!) but the real fun came in getting dressed in "grown up" clothes- no goop or stains. And enjoying the company of other adults. Adults I look up to as leading in their fields AND some of them even knew my name!  Yup it was a great afternoon! 
Then as I was leaving I realized something even more astonishing.  The reason that all of those people where gathered together talking about early childhood and brain development was because they are trying to help grow happy, healthier FAMILIES!  Guess who is at the heart and soul of that...yup you guessed it us parents.  Me the Mom!  They were all there sharing what they knew to help me be a better mother to my dear children. 
Isn't it funny how we (Maybe you don't) think that parenthood is less then dressing up in "grown up" clothes, having fancy meals, having adult conversations and contributing to the "real" world?  I am hear to tell you that today I discovered that the "real" world exists so that families can be happy, healthy and together.  Is this a bold statement? Maybe, but take a look at it with me.  Farmers and grocery stores~ so I can feed my children; teachers and schools~ to help me educate my children; wind turbine technicians and other power companies~ so I can keep my children warm and comfortable; amusement parks~ for our entertainment and to help build memories; photographers, hair dressers, fashion designers, pilots... Yup all to help the family look good, be together and capture memories. I am sure that you could come up with some profession that doesn't directly tie into keeping the family happy, healthy and together, but I would suggest that those exist because of the lack of family togetherness, good health and happiness. So if you are a parent and you have a day where the baby won't stop crying, you are covered in goop that you can't identify and you wonder if you will ever stop sticking to the floor and you ask your self why? Just remember you are doing the most important work there is to do! Have a wonderful goopy day! I plan to! Here is the link to the family wellness initiative. They put on the seminar!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I know two posts in one week, Crazy!

I wanted to share something new and exciting that we are trying with our dear Jacob.  Yesterday, after a few weeks of waiting, we went into Hi-tech Bracing in Lethbridge Alberta to pick up Jacobs new Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMO). It is a custom made snug fitting body suit that holds him in proper alignment!  It is a bit costly, but we were happily surprised that our insurance company paid the whole cost, so it is worth taking a look at. I have included the link to the DMO website below.  Jacob was measured for it here, it was made in the UK and sent back to Hi-Tech Bracing where we went for a fitting and to pick it up. 

So here is the scoop as far as I understand it... The suit is built to support where each person needs it most.  Our Jacob tends to lean to the right and hit his head on the bar on his chair~ not good.  He also scissors with his legs and his arms twist so that his thumbs point down instead of up. (I'm sure there are technical words for all of that, but this is "mom language"!) Our hope is that the suit will help with some of this. Plus it really looks like a super hero suit and everyone needs a super hero suit right?! 
Because a picture is worth a thousand words I took a few!

This is Jacob sitting with his "super suit" on.  It goes under his clothes.  There are zippers on both sides of his legs for easy diapering.
You can see by his "No" face just how he feels about it!
Hi-Tech Bracing, Body suit, super suit,
Again with the "NO"! 
This is Stephanie Hazelwood from Hi-Tech Bracing! (We love her!)
You can see how Jacob is trying to scissor with his legs, soon after the picture they flipped back to both sides of the pummel.  I don't think he has been able to self correct that before the suit!

DMO suit, orthoses
It's hard to tell in this picture, but I was amazed at how tall he sat in his car seat!
(He is still not impressed)

Jacob has been sitting to the side for many years and his brain is use to the way he holds himself in space, so when he puts the suit on, the feedback to his brain is different and that is why he is not appreciating it yet.  We were told he may feel almost drunk.  It takes time to get use to it.  He had it on for just over an hour yesterday, two hours today, six hours tomorrow and should be up to an eight hour day by the week end.
So far I am impressed.  In just over an hour yesterday we saw less scissoring of the legs and less falling to the right His hands still twisted some, but we are told it should get better the more he wears it. As his body is held in the correct position and his brain picks up on and adjusts to the message that this is the right position it should improve! 
I have no idea if this is for everyone, but I am hopefully excited that it will help with some of Jacob's tone and maybe even allow him to have more purposeful function with his hands.  Feel free to go to the links below and talk to your physiotherapist and see what you think.  I will keep you posted on how it's going at our end!

Here are the links to both DMO and Hi-Tech Bracing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Part 2

I love having the school year end so my little chicks can be home and have a break from the  routines and structure, but I also love having school start so that we can get back into routine and structure! I'm such a fickle mom!
Today is the first full day of school.  Yesterday they went to pick up their schedules and get a locker.  They were home by lunch time! I still managed to get some grape juice canned and find my kitchen, but there is still a ton to do to regain order and control!  I am looking forward to it!
Aww control... Back to school also brings adjustments with Jacob's schedule. Feeding him before 10:00 am, getting him to bed on time so he can get up in the morning and figuring out his day at school.  We have a wonderful school to work with!  The administration, teachers, bus drivers, EA's (educational Aides) and students are amazing to listen and work through what needs looking at.  I am grateful.  But I always find myself debating over what to bring up and what to let go.  I have come to see that I like to have control and it is the most difficult when it comes to my children~ especially Jacob who can't speak up for himself.  (Although yesterday when we were talking about having him eat lunch in the cafeteria he let us know with out a doubt that he did NOT want that to happen!)
My goal is always to be a part of a working team trying to do what is best for Jacob and those working with him.  I never want to be the cranky mother pounding my fist on the table making demands, (I haven't found that to be very effective) but there is a fine balance between what to fight for and what to let go.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't.  I am grateful for the patience of others.
It is one part of being Jacob's mom that always keeps me guessing and I don't always like being that person who has to rock the boat. But lets face it, sometimes we don't get very far with out a few waves!  I hope that I am getting better at letting others have a turn at the ores. That's what this journey with Jacob seems to be about, learning and growing.  Some times it can be painful, but for the most part it is a beautiful experience! One that I appreciate everyday!
I hope you have  beautiful day, I plan to!

(Check out the Consumer Reports)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun At Calaway Park!

So I posted this on my other blog ~ A Year without T.V ~ by mistake so I am reposting it here!  Next time I will pay more attention! ;)

Before I had Jacob I have to admit that I didn't give much thought to wheel chair accessibility.  I knew that there were wheel chair parking spots, automatic doors on some buildings and the odd place had a ramp, but that was about the extent of it. 
This week we visited a place that seems to have given accessibility some real thought, oddly enough, it was an amusement park, Calaway Park in Calgary Alberta.  A place full of family fun, spinning rides, challenging games, yummy food and fun entertaining shows!
But here is the inside scoop on accessibility.  We stayed at the campground right beside the park.  We had a power only site because the full service sites were full and I am glad.  The campground is all about being close to the park, not about space and privacy, however the power only sites do have some trees and shade.  Full service was pretty much a big field with some little trees that will need a few years yet before they are ready to shade anyone!
There are bathrooms and showers on site.  A Canadian toonie ($2.00) will get you five minutes of hat water in a very clean shower.  I was very impressed.  But what I loved even more was the family bathroom.  You need the access code to get into this bathroom with a wheel in shower and room to manoeuver a chair and a couple of helpers.
We got up each morning, ate breakfast, stepped outside the door and walked across a field to the gates of the park.  No fighting the traffic or worrying about parking! Admission to the park is listed below and if you stay at the campground they offer discounted tickets and meal vouchers too. If you have a family member with a disability they get in for $11.55 (at the time of this post) and their aide (or mother/father) gets in free.  That is not all!  Once you have your tickets you head over to the guest service counter and ask for a bracelet.  This allowed Jacob and up to three others family members to beat the line ups.  We were put on the ride in one or two turns.  Someone was thinking! 

Regular (7-49 years):  $35.95+gst
Junior (3-6 years): $29.00+gst
Fifty Plus (50 years and up): $27.00+gst
Family of 4: $89.00+gst   Each additional family member: $22.00+gst
After 2 PM rate: @20.95+gst
children 2 and under are FREE! And you can purchase season passes.

That being said my sister in-law found tickets for $20.00 each at her local Co-op store.

Okay, now that we have all of that out of the way, let me share with you our adventure!
We spent two days at the park. It was great fun. My dear husband, Colin, our daughter, Mackenzie, son Jacob and nephew, Sloan joined me on this excursion.  Nathan was being 17 and decided that he would have more fun if he stayed home (Dang it all, he thinks he did)! 

Our first stop was the junior bumper cars for Sloan.  We were too big and Jacob couldn't go alone so we headed over to the "egg" ride where you climb aboard a giant egg that spins around and goes up and down.  This is where we discovered Jacob is no longer 3 :) He was so excited to get on the ride and squealed as it started, but soon turned to me with a very serious "You have got to be joking" look on his face!  Apparently he has out grown the "egg" ride.  We moved up to the junior roller coaster...better, but still not enough.

Fun at Calaway Amusement park!Kenzie and Sloan on the Eggs!

A very excited Jacob, ready for adventure!

The Travellin' Mom
Jacob on the Spider ride!  Getting ready for it to start!
(We tried to get a picture while it was running, but couldn't catch us!)

So reluctantly I got in line for the Spider.  This is what Jacob had been waiting for!  Spinning, tilting, up and down and the turns made "your heart feel funny" (quote by Sloan!)  Jacob laughed right out loud!  Then we headed over to a ride kind of like the swings, but in a car instead of a swing.  This was Jacob's limit I am sorry to  say.  He came off a very pale boy.  Wasn't to interested in lunch either. Poor guy,  but I am sure he was happier going on the 'big boy' rides.  It was a good reminder to me that he is growing up!
Kenzie and I had a turn on the roller coaster, we all took a turn on the carousel ~ tradition of course!But the favourite for all of us was the bumper boats! We came out dripping!  It was the best of both worlds, "big kid" ride without the crazy spinning!

A tired Boy on one last ride!
So what would we keep and what would we change?  We would do it again but I don't know if we would go two days in a row.  Day two was exhausting and I don't think we had recovered from the first day.  We would stay at the campsite again~  Loved the convenienceMost of all we loved the time we spent with our family creating wonderful memories!
Thank you Calaway Park for helping All families to enjoy a fabulous day together~ everyone!
Have a wonderful Day!  I plan to!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Wall Down Memory Lane!

We have just returned from a trip to Saskatchewan where we didn't have an Internet connection. So I am going to enter a couple of day that I wrote about!

Tuesday, July 9th:  I love to travel!  I love to see new places, enjoy new adventures and meet new people.  Yet there is always something beautiful and joyful about running into the familiar. 
We are in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan camping at the Shell Campground, where the mosquito's are crazy but the surroundings were just what I need! 
Today, after being stuck in the trailer for two days with my sweet children, I decided I NEEDED to get out for a bit, so I jumped on my bike...alone! As I rode down the dirt road, that was more sand then gravel, I was over come with a case of nostalgia.  The smells of the wild flowers, the sandy soil, the sound of the wind through the evergreens.  Even the angle and feel of the sun put me right back to being a six year old peddling my bike down the roads in Northern Ontario.  It was a beautiful thing!
I guess in some ways I am always trying to get back to my roots, figure out where I came from and why I am who I am.  I have to say I loved being 6 and what a surprise it was to be right back there.
Sometimes the best destinations are those that take us back to a time we loved rather then a place!
I hope you have a chance to take a peaceful walk down memory lane!  I quite enjoyed it!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

I love this time of the year! School is wrapping up and the kids will soon be free to be home.  I love having them here.  It is also that time of year when we do a little less structure and a little more travelling!  As the Travellin' Mom I am grateful!
My dear husband, Colin, and I have recently returned from a very quick trip to the East Coast where we finished packing up our house and said good bye to our dear friends and life there.  The house has finally sold and we have closure.  I didn't realize how much I still had tied up in the East.  I can finally settle into the West and be settled. I am very grateful for the adventures we enjoyed in Bathurst and the amazing friends we made. 

So what does the summer hold?  Camping!  Lots and lots of camping!  We broke down and bought ourselves a trailer this year.  It is just too crazy to tent it with Jacob and all that that entails.  So we are heading to Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta! If you have any tried and true camp sites you are willing to share I would love to add them to our itinerary! 
So stay tuned for more adventures and reviews!
Hope you have a fun filled day, I plan to!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

All Is Well!

I have been away for a bit.  The end of March landed us in the Alberta Children's Hospital with our dear Jacob.  What we thought was the flu was quickly re diagnosed as a bowel obstruction.  Surgery was done and after two and a half weeks we were sent home.  I had my computer with me and had thought I would blog and keep everyone up to date, but every time I tried to write, nothing would come.  So I took a break. 

Jacob is back to school and although we are having a few issues with feeds, he is back to his happy, cheerful self.  He has been back to school for a couple of weeks.
It took me a couple of weeks to be able to put a clear sentence together and catch up of the lack of sleep.  A hospital is not a place to rest.  Although I understand it, it was still hard to handle having Jacob just drift off to sleep only to have a group of nurses enter the room to do safety checks and take vitals.  I have to admit I got testy a time or two. 
Can I just say we had amazing nurses!!! There were two that were a bit harder to take, one spoke to us like we were idiots.  I don't do so well with that, but she was on when Jacob came back from surgery and I was so grateful!  He had a bit of a scare and she knew her stuff!  I was glad she was there leading the way.  The other was new and needed a little reminding that the enema water should be body temperature, not tea temperature!  My confidence in her was shot after that and that was tricky.  But we had nurses that fought our battles for us, reminding cleaning staff that sleep was more important then washing the floor, talked to doctors to make needed changes and some who listened to a sleep deprived, fearful mother and gave the comfort and reasoning needed.  All treated Jacob like their own and he received the best care! Those amazing people who decide to use there time and talents caring for others, I am so grateful!  Thank You All!
We had amazing family and friends help in so many ways too!  Some brought meals, treats, conversation, others brought hugs, my children, hope, relief, socks, clean laundry and all brought love and comfort! 

I learned a few things through this experience too. 
  • Always trust your instincts. A parent knows their child better then anyone. You need to advocate!
  • I need a video of Jacob's "normal".  Jacob gets very quiet and withdrawn when he is in pain and it would have been good to have an example of what the norm is.  That way those caring for him would know he really wasn't handling the pain well.
  • Always pack lots of cozy socks!
  • The parent bed is chilly!  Take your own blanket. (But oh thank goodness it was there!)
  • There is comfort in your own pillow too!
  • Taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your child!  If you crash, everyone is in trouble!
  • I can go without sleep better then I thought!
  • Everyone handles these things differently and we should NEVER judge!
  • We are stronger than we think!
I am so thankful that Jacob is happy and well once more!  I am grateful I live in a place where health care is easily accessed and comfortable.  And amazingly enough, I am grateful for all that I have learned through this experience. 
I hope you have a healthy day!  I hope to.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Nathan

I have had a bit of computer trouble and not been able to post.  Very frustrating!  Maybe it's just me, but it always seems when I decide to become more consistent things pop up to prevent me from following through.  It's like the universe wants to see just how serious I am! Well, I have lost a week, but I am finally ready to go again!  Sooo...

....Without further ado, Let me introduce to you our dear Nathan.
He is our oldest!  Our first to do everything, our first to walk, talk, go to school, and now drive (yikes!)! He knows all about the joys and woes of  being the oldest! The opportunities and the responsibilities. He pulls it all together in his own way!

But who is Nathan?  He is our family photographer, heck he is a general photographer, a thinker, a chef, a fisherman, an all round outdoor adventurer, an entrepreneur, a creative soul and one of my favourite people! 

Fishing in Waterton National Park.
Summer 2012

Back packing in Waterton

What happens when there is just
Too much Homework!

Nathan's 'family famous burger'! 
This was so Yummy!!

Doing what he does!
Capturing the moment!

Hard at work or checking facebook?

Reaching for the top!

On a winter adventure in New Brunswick

I love watching this young man enjoy life.  He is an inspiration to me of how to embrace life and live it to the fullest.  He sets goals and follows through.  He has created and run two businesses.  He is a hard worker with a determined attitude.  And he has fun doing it all!
I Love being his Mom!
Hope you have an inspired day! I hope to!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here's Kenzie!

Where I’m From
By: Mackenzie Wynder 2011
I am from drawers
   from Old Navy and Stain remover
I am from red everything
   (Dark, light it felt like I was surrounded.)
I am from the grass, the trees
    bright, fresh and damp smelling.
I am from the brown sugar, cinnamon toast and blue eyes
   From Dayna and Sheila and Rae.
I’m from the goal setting and hanging out,
   from you are beautiful! and I love you!
I’m from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    and I am a child of God.
I’m from Alberta and Ontario
    haystacks and tea.
From the Candy shop my brother owned,
The two broken arms of my grandma
    when my mom was a baby.
Scrap books in the craft room full of pictures,
    me from birth to now
I will always have the memories to cherish.
I am from purple and pink clothes-
    bright, blue, snowy mountains.

Oh So Beautiful!
(Don't mean to embarrass you Kenzie, but it's true!)

 I always wanted to be a mom.  It has been a dream as long as I can remember.  It is just as wonderful as I imagined it would be!  I just didn't have the stress in my images! ;) 
I always wanted a boy first.  I have 3 big brothers and I think every girl needs one or two.  So when Nathan joined us I was thrilled!  But when he was almost two and we knew that he would have his chance at being a big brother, I have to admit I was dreaming of a sweet little bundle of pink!
What a joy a little girl can be. 
Mackenzie has always been full of spunk and determination. Maybe it comes with the red hair!
She amazes me at every turn.  Right from the start she has been ready to get life under way. She was trying to sit up at 4 months, wanting only to eating what she could feed her self at 6 months!
She sets goals and accomplishes them.  She in organized and a thinker.  I often say I want to be just like her when I grow up!  I am sure her spirit is older then mine. 

Enjoying the Adventure!
Full of talent!

Even when she's doing chores she is smiling!
(well most of the time!)

Enjoying a day in the snow!

Always Stylin'
I LOVE having a girl! There really is nothing quite like it!
(Love you Kenzie!)
Hope you have an adventurous day!  I hope to!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Would Like You To Meet Jacob!

It occurred to me as I was looking over my last post, that I really haven't introduced my dear family to you.  So I will start with the youngest and work my way up!

As I was looking at the pictures I put on my last post, I realized they didn't really give a good idea of who Jacob is and that is sad because our Jacob is one of my favourite little people!

This is the Jacob we know and love the best.  He has an amazing smile and is quick to use it!
Twelve and a half years ago we had no idea what to expect with this little man.  Would he walk, would he talk, would he know what was going on around him?  Would we be able to know and fill his needs?
Well.  He doesn't walk or talk, But he defiantly knows what is going on and lets us know what he wants and when he wants it. Don't get me wrong he isn't demanding, in fact he is a very sweet, patient soul.  He is just really good at communicating without his words!  Instead he uses his many expressive faces!

His "NO" face.  This is a pretty mild "NO" Sometimes his brow is furrowed and you know you are being told!
On the up side, he smiles for "YES"!

We don't see this very often, but every now and then, when he has simply had enough we hear about it!  This is not to be confused with his broken hearted cry! (when all else fails pull out the camera!)

Not the greatest picture, but this is Jacob's 'famous lip'!  He is good at sticking it out when he is not impressed with what is going on!

 Jacob really does Not like to be left out of anything!  He is very much a part of what we do and the decision making.  And he has a list of his favourite things!

Mackenzie is one of Jacob's favourite people in the whole world!  They are kindred spirits if ever I had met a pair!
Knocking Down Mom's Block towers can fill a whole afternoon and get the biggest laughs!  There really isn't anything better.  Which reminds me... Jacob loves to TEASE!  He has a great sense of hunour!

Making Cookies and helping in the kitchen is a highlight of a great day!

Okay. Terrible picture of Mom, but Jacob LOVES the trampoline!  Look at that face!
(Not mine, Jacob's!)

Life is a whirl of Joy when Jacob is involved!  Great time on the carousel!

A good friend always knows how to make others feel included! 
He was a little worried about his eyes, but everyone else was doing it... why not him! 

Bringing down the house at the Halloween school dance! 
(He was one of the Triplets and Mackenzie was Merida from Disney's Brave)

So now you have a little better picture of our Jacob!  He is living life to the fullest, it just happens to be from the seat of his chair!
Hope you have a day full of joy.  I plan to!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Break!

I am amazed that it has been a month since my last post...sounds like a quote from my journal!
I have been listening to some great stuff the past couple of weeks from Jenn Lee's Video summit.  My take away and goal is be more consistent in all aspects of my life.  So I am beginning here. 

What a crazy spring break we have had!  I love it when the kids are home and the time just lays before us.  This is becoming rare as the kids get older.  But even with their crazy social schedules, we were able to fit in some fun family time!
Since a picture is worth a thousand words and usually more interesting...I thought I would add a few!
We painted, spent time in the mountains, had a visit with Grandma and Grandpa and even spent some time at the Calgary Children's hospital!

 Why Not Blue and Orange?!

We decide that it was great idea to paint Jacob's bedroom!  He picked out his colours~ can you guess what his favourite colour might be?

Time with Grandma and Grandpa!

This is the greatest tip ever!  Add a box of chocolate cake mix (you can use any kind) to a box of Angel food cake mix.  Stir well and put in a jar in your cupboard.  When you feel like a treat...
Add 3 Tbsp of mix to 2 Tbsp of water and microwave for 1 minute (3,2,1) And Presto you have a yummy fluffy cake!
We added chocolate sauce just for the heck of it!  Great for lunches too!  Spending time at Grandma's is away so much fun!

Our Trip to the Children's Hospital... What a trooper!

What would a holiday be without a trip to the Children's hospital?  Jacob had Botox to help with the tightness in his legs... The sedation was a great idea! The Staff are always so amazing too!

A Trip to Waterton National Park! (If the snow doesn't come to you...Go to the Snow!)

A quick change before loading Jacob into the chariot
Getting Jacob Buckled and ready to go!  I love our Chariot (Thank you Gail!)
My turn to pull!  What a great view!
And Colin's turn...Yeah he pulled for most of our journey!  Who knew I was such a wimp?!

Kenzie Leading the way!
Not sure what happened to our group shot... Colin and Me!  I love this man!
Kenzie and Jacob!  Nathan was taking a photography course most of the week!

It was a wonderful week!  We didn't go far, but enjoyed the time together.  Sometimes the simple things are the best! 
Hope you are enjoying your family time!  I know I am!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


: a desire to travel or "itchy feet"! 
I don't know if it is the time of year, or what, but I am in the mood to travel!  I just put up a world map on my wall and have added picture I printed off of my Pintrest board ~"places I want to see".  France, Australia, English gardens, vineyards in Italy...  Oh the places I could go!
I have ordered planners from different provinces and love to write up itineraries.  But in reality I am not going very far this year.  A camping trip to Saskatchewan maybe into British Columbia but that is probably it!
I have always wanted to travel to every major city in Canada and grade it on it's accessibility.  It would be fun to take a year and pack my family around this amazing country of ours and explore the possibilities that await us.  But since I am not independently wealthy and my children are at the point where their studies are kind of important to their futures, it won't be happening anytime soon. But I think it does hold merit. 
I walked up to a new business in our little town the other day and it didn't have a ramp to get Jacob into the store.  I asked one of the employees about it and she said she wasn't sure if one was in the plans or not and that I was not the first one to ask about.  In this day and age it is amazing to me that a new business can be built without accessibility being factored into the plans.
That being said, before I had Jacob it wasn't something that I often considered.  I guess it is education, which of course brings me back to my idea of travelling the country! ;)
It is good to dream and my dream is that a persons abilities won't decide the store they buy their groceries because every store will be accessible. And when deciding on their trip itineraries all will be open to them because all motels, modes of transportation, amusement parks and cities will have something for everyone.  By the way, did you know that most people in wheel chairs travel alone? At least that is the message being sent to families who try to book a wheel chair accessible room.  They usually only have one queen size bed in them!  We once found a room in Nova Scotia that had a King size bed and a pull out bed.  Finally someone was thinking!  But crazy that that is the exception! 

Hope you get to see your dreams turn into reality, I plan to! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little More Pollyanna

Have you ever had one of those days when you just can't seem to get out of the negative thinking?  Where life seems to be all wrong and you can't see a way past it?
Last night about 2:45, I woke up to the dog whimpering beside my bed. I tried to ignore him but realized I couldn't remember the last time anyone had let him out. I got up and let the dog out. (Grrrr) Let him back in, checked Jacob, untangled him from his blankets, went back to bed, tossed and turned, worried about our septic tank, (we are having troubles), worried about selling our house in New Brunswick (anyone out there moving to Bathurst?), worried about Nathan's math exam, worried about his grades, worried about his future, (it was 3:00am... things can get big really quickly), hear Jacob fuss, thought about waking Colin up so I could keep worrying in peace, started listening to the peaceful rhythm of Colin's breathing, started to be annoyed that he could sleep so peacefully, wondered if our realtor was worried about selling our house, wondered if I should wake up Colin and ask him what he thinks, got really annoyed that he is still sleeping so well, tossed and turned some more, wondered how the dog could sleep, worried that we are behind on his shots, worried about Mackenzie's shots (she is due for updates), worried about Mackenzie's future, wondered if Colin realized his breathing was so annoying, wondered if I should wake him up and tell him, start to think about...Polly Anna?... wonder if the movie is available at the library, wonder if all the books got back to the library, worried I would never be positive again, wondered how to change that, worried I would never be able to get up in the morning, worried about all that needed to be done, realized a nap was out of the question.... 
At some point I must have fallen asleep because I awoke to Colin cheerfully nudging me and telling me it was time to get up.  GRRR.
Okay I'm crazy, but come on you can't tell me you have never had a night like mine.  (You are just smart enough not to relive it by posting it on the Internet!) But I have to say, things seem much better this morning as they always do.  I realize that all will work out.  It always does.  I can see I have so much to be grateful for!  So Today I can see I might get that nap I was worrying about, But before I do I am headed to the library to get a copy of Pollyanna and I am going to start my own version of the "glad game"!
Let's see...the septic field is plugged and the septic tank is overflowing...I am glad... I don't have to do any laundry today!!  Well it's a start ;)
I hope you have a cheery day...I plan to!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here We Go Again!

No We are NOT moving! But we are taking another look at change.
It happens every so often, when we are faced again with the reality of Jacob's Cerebral Palsy.  I like it best when we see Jacob first and then his CP, but sometimes things switch up for a bit and our focus must go back to the innate details of Jacob's condition instead of the big picture with all of it's joy and goodness.
Maybe it is because we are back in Alberta and focusing so much on getting him set up with specialists and equipment that I am feeling this again.  There is a lot of talk about what use to be future things like a van with a lift, lifts in the house, bigger wheel chairs, what will happen when we can't lift him into our laps and snuggle him like we do now and I have to admit I find it a bit overwhelming and sad.  I have been able to be very hands on up to now and adding so many "helps" feels like I am going to lose that closeness.
I went through this when he was 5 and we were faced with having a g-tube become part of his existence.  I fought the idea for a long time and now, it is just what we do.  I am even grateful for it.  
Although Jacob is 12, ( I can't believe it!)  he is in many ways still our baby (don't tell him I said that!).  The thought of bringing in a lift system to help in his transfers and bath time or help get his chair in  and out of the van feels very clinical to me, yet I can't ignore how difficult it is to get him in and out of the tub, up and down the stairs or in and out of the van. 
I guess this is change.  Usually I love change.  But I like things the way they are now.  I know where we are and I understand it. I love my relationship with Jacob.  I love being his mom and all that that entails.  And just like when we have to train a new EA (educational Assistant) the Mama bear in me comes out and I want to do it all my self. But just like with his wonderful EAs, I must hold on the the hope that someday I will look back on this too and it will just  be one of those things we just do, a blessing in our lives that we are grateful for!
I hope you have a great day...I hope to!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New, New, New

There is just something wonderful about a new year, a new page, a new day, a new start, new beginnings...
Well I had great hopes for 2013.  Goals have been set and alas, here it is almost February and I am only now beginning.  But I shall begin!
November was spent working on getting MacAdee's up and running. I spent many hours cutting out and sewing my new creations and more hours sitting  at sales watching peoples reactions to my dear "babies" and hoping that they would be good enough and accepted.  I am happy to say that for the most part I have been very pleased.  There are always a few that turn their noses up and walk on by.  But there were others, like those who were trying to talk their friends into buying a little jacket or jumper because they themselves didn't have any little people in their lives to buy one for.  Those are the ones I cling to and that help me to know that I will continue to create!
December was more sewing and nursing my dear family members back to health.  We have all had the flu at least twice and are so happy to finally be enjoying our health once more.  Throw in Christmas and visits from family and you have a very full and crazy month. 
January has been spent recovering. Looking back at 2012 has lead me to wonder if I didn't just need a breather to get me grounded and able to refocus. 
So, Yes, January is more then half over, but I am again feeling excited about the new year ahead and the grand adventures that are waiting to be experienced.
My Goals for 2013...I want to get my spring and summer line ready to share.  I have reorganized my office and work space and am ready to make that happen.

...I also want to focus on something that has been rolling around in my head for years.  I think I am brave enough to share it...

I want to connect with other families who are on the path I am on. Those who are just beginning the adventure, that is, living with a family member with a disability and those who are in the thick of it.  I know there is a power that comes from sharing and reaching out to each other.  I am feeling inspired to reach out.  I have been working on a business plan and on some presentations that I want to share and hope that this is the year I will be able to travel and share my experiences. 
I am adding more info to the contact tab and hope that as I prepare, the way will be made known to me to make this dream a reality. It is a big one for me and I am constantly fighting the voice in my head that asks "who do you think you are?", and "no one is going to want to hear from you", or my favourite, "you are no expert, and you think you can be of help to others?".  This is usually followed by great laughter...But you know what, I do have something to offer.  We all do and if I can help bring us together so we can lift and support each other, show that there is hope and that life is good, that will be enough.  I know I wish I had had someone in the beginning, as I brought our sweet little bundle home from the hospital, terrified at what the future had to hold and not knowing if I was strong enough to handle it. 
So these are my goals.
Oh and I want to plant a garden!  Yup, I think that is's to the new!
I hope you are enjoying your 2013...I plan to!