Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Would Like You To Meet Jacob!

It occurred to me as I was looking over my last post, that I really haven't introduced my dear family to you.  So I will start with the youngest and work my way up!

As I was looking at the pictures I put on my last post, I realized they didn't really give a good idea of who Jacob is and that is sad because our Jacob is one of my favourite little people!

This is the Jacob we know and love the best.  He has an amazing smile and is quick to use it!
Twelve and a half years ago we had no idea what to expect with this little man.  Would he walk, would he talk, would he know what was going on around him?  Would we be able to know and fill his needs?
Well.  He doesn't walk or talk, But he defiantly knows what is going on and lets us know what he wants and when he wants it. Don't get me wrong he isn't demanding, in fact he is a very sweet, patient soul.  He is just really good at communicating without his words!  Instead he uses his many expressive faces!

His "NO" face.  This is a pretty mild "NO" Sometimes his brow is furrowed and you know you are being told!
On the up side, he smiles for "YES"!

We don't see this very often, but every now and then, when he has simply had enough we hear about it!  This is not to be confused with his broken hearted cry! (when all else fails pull out the camera!)

Not the greatest picture, but this is Jacob's 'famous lip'!  He is good at sticking it out when he is not impressed with what is going on!

 Jacob really does Not like to be left out of anything!  He is very much a part of what we do and the decision making.  And he has a list of his favourite things!

Mackenzie is one of Jacob's favourite people in the whole world!  They are kindred spirits if ever I had met a pair!
Knocking Down Mom's Block towers can fill a whole afternoon and get the biggest laughs!  There really isn't anything better.  Which reminds me... Jacob loves to TEASE!  He has a great sense of hunour!

Making Cookies and helping in the kitchen is a highlight of a great day!

Okay. Terrible picture of Mom, but Jacob LOVES the trampoline!  Look at that face!
(Not mine, Jacob's!)

Life is a whirl of Joy when Jacob is involved!  Great time on the carousel!

A good friend always knows how to make others feel included! 
He was a little worried about his eyes, but everyone else was doing it... why not him! 

Bringing down the house at the Halloween school dance! 
(He was one of the Triplets and Mackenzie was Merida from Disney's Brave)

So now you have a little better picture of our Jacob!  He is living life to the fullest, it just happens to be from the seat of his chair!
Hope you have a day full of joy.  I plan to!

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