Thursday, May 16, 2013

All Is Well!

I have been away for a bit.  The end of March landed us in the Alberta Children's Hospital with our dear Jacob.  What we thought was the flu was quickly re diagnosed as a bowel obstruction.  Surgery was done and after two and a half weeks we were sent home.  I had my computer with me and had thought I would blog and keep everyone up to date, but every time I tried to write, nothing would come.  So I took a break. 

Jacob is back to school and although we are having a few issues with feeds, he is back to his happy, cheerful self.  He has been back to school for a couple of weeks.
It took me a couple of weeks to be able to put a clear sentence together and catch up of the lack of sleep.  A hospital is not a place to rest.  Although I understand it, it was still hard to handle having Jacob just drift off to sleep only to have a group of nurses enter the room to do safety checks and take vitals.  I have to admit I got testy a time or two. 
Can I just say we had amazing nurses!!! There were two that were a bit harder to take, one spoke to us like we were idiots.  I don't do so well with that, but she was on when Jacob came back from surgery and I was so grateful!  He had a bit of a scare and she knew her stuff!  I was glad she was there leading the way.  The other was new and needed a little reminding that the enema water should be body temperature, not tea temperature!  My confidence in her was shot after that and that was tricky.  But we had nurses that fought our battles for us, reminding cleaning staff that sleep was more important then washing the floor, talked to doctors to make needed changes and some who listened to a sleep deprived, fearful mother and gave the comfort and reasoning needed.  All treated Jacob like their own and he received the best care! Those amazing people who decide to use there time and talents caring for others, I am so grateful!  Thank You All!
We had amazing family and friends help in so many ways too!  Some brought meals, treats, conversation, others brought hugs, my children, hope, relief, socks, clean laundry and all brought love and comfort! 

I learned a few things through this experience too. 
  • Always trust your instincts. A parent knows their child better then anyone. You need to advocate!
  • I need a video of Jacob's "normal".  Jacob gets very quiet and withdrawn when he is in pain and it would have been good to have an example of what the norm is.  That way those caring for him would know he really wasn't handling the pain well.
  • Always pack lots of cozy socks!
  • The parent bed is chilly!  Take your own blanket. (But oh thank goodness it was there!)
  • There is comfort in your own pillow too!
  • Taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your child!  If you crash, everyone is in trouble!
  • I can go without sleep better then I thought!
  • Everyone handles these things differently and we should NEVER judge!
  • We are stronger than we think!
I am so thankful that Jacob is happy and well once more!  I am grateful I live in a place where health care is easily accessed and comfortable.  And amazingly enough, I am grateful for all that I have learned through this experience. 
I hope you have a healthy day!  I hope to.


Uncle Lindy said...

So glad to hear things are going well. Now on to your next adventure? Hugs and love from us.

Love, Sally

The Travellin' mom said...

Oh, Our next adventure!Don't you just love that word?! We have a couple in the works. I just got 25 chickens and 11 turkeys all settled into the barn! They are all so cute! Colin and I have planned a little get-a-way back to New Brunswick to close up our house for the new owners! Nothing says romantic get-a-way like 5 days in a uhaul!
But this very minute we are getting the RV loaded for our first camping trip of the year! I love camping. Many adventures, so little time!
What adventures do you have planned?