When it comes to changing our focus, there is no better place to start then with seeing the good in our lives.  I have found that the Gratitude Attitude can be a great tool.  It's not a new idea or even my own, but it is a good one.
I hope to share the things that my family is grateful for each week.  If you want to do the same you are more then welcome to do so.  When we begin to look for the good, it is amazing how quickly we realize it is all around us. I hope you will share what warms your heart with me.

I am Grateful for...
Feb. 6th 2013: clean clothes, a very patient husband, understanding children, good health, Hogan (our dog)!
Feb. 16th 2013: Sunshine, my bike, grocery shopping, fresh vegetables, hugs from my children!
Mar. 6th 2013: Snow (I love the snow), getting outside, getting out with a friend (Thank you Jocelyn), Our cozy wood stove and a good nights sleep!
Mar. 7th 2013: Chocolate chip cookies, Spending the day with Jacob, Helpful sales people, the plan of salvation, leftovers!
Mar. 8th 2013: Homemade bread, technology, Sunshine, brown paper packages, healthy children!
Mar. 13th 2013: Being in the school with my kids, freshly clean laundry, fabric stores, new fabric, amazing supportive team!
Mar. 25th, 2013: Time with Family, reading aloud as a family, Good books, sunshine, a good nights sleep!
Mar. 31st, 2013: Wonderful nurses, Reliable health care, Family, Prayer, Easter
May 17th, 2013: Health and strength, sunshine, worms in my garden, camping trips, my green house!
July 16th, 2013: Sunshine, a dry home, our trailer, my teenagers, books!
Sept. 4th, 2013: School, great teachers, my children, canning, yummy garden veggies!

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