A couple of months back Jacob had a sick day and we had some time together.  And although I can't remember all of the details of how it came about, we did manage to help Jacob create his bucket list!
How? you may ask does one go about creating such a list with a dear boy who can't talk?  Well it is not easy, but it can be done!
First we started by surfing the web for ideas.  Jacob did think it would be fun to see the natural wonders of the world when we came across it and he thought it would be a grand adventure to go up in a hot air balloon, but the real fun began when I started to ask the right questions.
I may have mentioned it before, but Jacob "says" Yes by smiling and he No by sticking out his tongue. So it is easiest to ask yes and no questions... Yeah, but you do have to come up with the right ones!
I started by asking where the activity would happen... "Does it happen in our house?... In our yard?... In our town?... In our province?.. Our Country? And so on.
I was amazed at the fun list Jacob created. 
And here it is...
  • Go up in a hot air balloon
  • Visit the 7 Nature Wonders of the World
  • Make his books and sell them
  • Paint pictures and sell them
  • Teach families about living life to the fullest from a chair
  • Build a giant snow sculpture in the front yard for all to see
  • Fly in a big airplane
  • Create a recipe for supper  - Done! See post!
  • Create his own ice cream
  • Sew bags
  • Go on a big bike ride all over Magrath- Every Street
  • Go Camping in a tent
  • Go on a date with a girl from school (he wouldn't tell me who!)
  • Go to a Dance
  • Have his art work in a gallery
  • Visit all Galleries and Museums in Lethbridge
  • Try new foods
  • Create new foods in the Kitchen
  • Work in the Bargain Store in Cardston
  • Play a drum solo in a band concert
SO there is the list of the twenty ideas Jacob came up with. I think the biggest surprises were working at the store in Cardston and the band concert.  I do so love this boy!!

Now the plan... We have decided to get to work on this great list. In fact he has all ready gone to the school dance ( I will share the details in a post later!)  Since Jacob wants to share with others how he lives life to the fullest from his chair... we thought we would show you! 
Hope you will enjoy the journey with us!


Bryan Davenport said...

You said that you and your son wanted to show the world how you live. Have you considered having a youtube channel? I watch all kinds of videos showing people overcoming their disabilities. I have mental illnesses and I am learnig to overcome them. I love to see how others deal with their challenges. I saw in your blog that you feel worthless and other things. You may have depression, I would know cause I have it. Doctors can help with that through therapy and treatment. I don't mean to get involved in your life, but I feel the same way as your son. I like to help people understand my mental challenges, and maybe help them through theirs. I wish you and your family the best, and you will be in my prayers.

The Travellin' mom said...

Bryan I hope that you will read my newest post... I am grateful for your comment and concern. I did suffered from postpartum depression after Jacob was born. I wonder if it was even more than that. I found it very hard to figure my purpose and I did get medical help and am so grateful that I had good friend to help me even realize that there was something wrong.
So feel pretty confident that this is not what I am going through right now.
But thank you again. we do need to make depression and mental illness okay to talk about!

The Travellin' mom said...

The post I mean is "A good Reminder"