So here is the lowdown on what I have available!
If you are wondering about a product or service and would like me to add it to Our Consumer Report, send me a quick email and I will look into it.
If you have a great product or service that you are using OR if you are a company with a product or service that you would like me to take a look at, again send me a quick email! 

I have 3 presentations that I give at this time!
1. Surviving to Thriving: Changing the focus - The thought of caring for a family member with a disability can be overwhelming. The feelings and questions that come with that kind of news are many.  Could I have done something different, what do I do now, where do I find what I need, what about the other family members, will I bond... Just to name a few.  Add to that the feeling of being in it alone and you have all the makings for a huge struggle. It can be hard to even get out of bed!
Surviving to Thriving can help. By changing our focus, we can bring back feelings of hope, strength, encouragement and yes, even joy that is all apart of the journey we are on.
This presentation is for anyone who is on this adventure; whether you are at the beginning or in the thick of it, struggling or loving it.  This is for you!

2. What's in the Gap - The gap between family and community can seem huge when you have a family member with special needs.  Until you are faced with it, you may not have even given it a second thought.  But the questions and planning that can go into simply going to the grocery store, the library or even to school can be huge. Are the aisles wide enough for a wheel chair or walker, is there a ramp to get in, will others understand if there is a melt down or tantrum.  Are there people trained and qualified to look after my loved one? Will everyone stare, will they treat us differently, will they try to avoid us?  These are just some of the questions that can go through a caregivers mind when deciding to join a group or just leave the house.
What's in the Gap is for all involved in making our communities safe and welcoming for everyone.  It's a great time to look at those beliefs, feelings and policies that govern our decision making.

3. Self Care~Without the Guilt! - As caregivers we often forget about caring for ourselves.  We may even feel guilty about taking time for our own needs. 
In Self-Care Without the Guilt we take a look at the importance of keeping ourselves in top form. We address the guilt, the reasons for guilt and what can be done to move us past it, the benefits of caring for ourselves and we look at some great ideas that can aide us in getting more sleep, helping us to relax, build stronger relationships and make us better able to care for our loved one.

If you have a group that would benefit from learning more about any of these topics send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss the details.

Look forward from hearing from you!

This is how you reach me!

P.O Box 1221  Magrath AB T0K1J0 Canada

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