Monday, May 16, 2016

So, This Happened!!

I just love how life works!  I find it interesting that opportunities arise when we least expect them!
I got a phone call the other day from our amazing friends at Children's Allied Health, wondering if Jacob and I would help them with promoting Speech and Hearing Month~ the month of May!!
Soooo, we did!  
Jacob is trialing an eye gaze system that allows him to speak using a computer. The camera on the device picks up his eyes and he looks at the symbols and chooses what to say!  
It is AMAZING!!  It is opening up his whole world!
Jacob has had 2 other trials before this one that haven't gone as well.  But this time he seems to have bought into the idea that he has a lot to say and wants to be heard!  And today he had the opportunity to do just that!
We were interviewed by Lethbridge's Country 95.5 radio station, Global news Shaw news, and the Lethbridge Herald.  
It was a bit nerve racking at first, but in the end it was almost fun. I LOVE watching this boy shine.  I love that the world can see his wonderful, funny, lovable personality and get to know him like we do~ his "crazy family"!!

On our way in to be interviewed... Jacob was not sure this was a good idea!!!

All set up and waiting! Those are some of the Books Jacob has been working on!

Still waiting!

Started with taking pictures! 

Showing off some of his creations!!

After being in front of the camera, Jacob was able to see what it was like to be behind the camera!
(People are amazing!- thank you Quinn!)
A very tired guy!
~being a super star is hard work!!~
If you want to watch the piece, it's on Lethbridge Global News and Shaw news tonight (May 16th) @ 5, 6 and 11!  Or watch for him in the Lethbridge Herald! We would love to know what you think!!

Hope you have a star studded day! I am!