Day 1: Winter Fun! (It was hard to pick just one!)

Loving the Big Brother!!

Homemade mittens! Thank you Grandma!
Loving the new sled!

 Day 2: Tree in Winter
might be time to prune the apple tree!

Day 3: Sunday prep

White shirts on beige 
Day 4: Ode to Cheerios!

Life with little ones is always... messy!

Day 5: Breakfast for One!

Alone for the first time after two weeks!!  Oh Happy day!
Day 6: Momma's Little Helper!

This girl is fast!!
I was distracted for just a moment and she had all the butter unwrapped and was testing them!!
So Taking the photos is one thing... posting them is another!! Here is the last 4 days!

Day 7: Back to Basics

I love making bread! It has been so long! 
 Day 8: Change

Not a great picture, but as much as this is about improving my photography,
it is also about keeping a picture journal of my year!
I decided to try bangs again... I like it!

Day 9: Frosty Mornings
We woke to frost everywhere. It was so beautiful- even the cobwebs that are scattered around our porch!
Sometimes my life feels like this tangles web!!
Day 10: Me Too!

They are getting use to me taking my camera everywhere!
Day 11: The View From My Front Porch- At Night

Thanks for the help Nathan!!
Day 12: Good Morning Jacob!!

Love this boy! For the rest of the story see "Getting Ready For School" on the main page!!
Day 13: Hard @ Work!

Getting ready for Exams!
Good Luck Kenzie!
 Day 14: Do You Want to Build a Snowman???

All of our carrots were mysteriously missing! All that was left in the crisper was a stick of celery!!
Fun day with the "Littles" in the sticky snow!!
Day 15: Something Green!
Garlic!  It's actually growing!!

Day 16: Love!
A slow Saturday morning snuggling in!
I love this picture! It just makes my heart happy!
Day 17: A close up!

Just playing with the camera... I love winter!
 Day 18: A cold winter's day!
Waiting for the bus!
We have a great dog!
 Day 19: The unexpected!

This picture is  just not fair to Nathan... He was working in the garage and getting all grumpy when he ran into the house to get me.
I was ready to climb into my warm bed, not to impressed to be dragged outside, but there they were, the most beautiful Northern lights. They were dancing and had pink and purple mixed into the green. I haven't seen them so beautiful in a very long time! Thank you Nathan!
I tried to get the lights,but it just wasn't working so I got the next best thing!
 Day 20: Supper prep!
Blurry, yes... It was on a funny setting from trying to get he Northern lights the night before and I couldn't remember how to fix it. So my focus point is to the left instead of where I wanted it... Still learning!
I did a much better job on the meal then the picture!
Day 21: Little Hands
We love moon sand at our house. Hours are spent playing and building!  
Day 22: Quiet Confidence
I love this guy! He is our calm Rooster, just quietly taking care of his charge!
We are starting to get green and blue eggs!!

Day 23: Outside To Play!

I just love my life!
Day 24: Sweetness!

I had a bit of a.. meltdown Saturday night and put myself into a timeout in my cozy bed... When I awoke the next morning I found this on my bedside table! I love my sweet girl!

 Day 25: Oh Happy Day!!
It has been a long road, but today is the day!! Nathan has finished filling out his mission papers!!! This picture was the last step... Now he has a couple of interviews and then we wait for his call!!!
Day 26: Favourites!

It never ceases to amaze me how little ones just want to be where the action is!
Here she is doing her favourite thing- reading her favourite book, wearing her favourite boots, in her favourite place- underfoot!! 
Day 27: Sneaky! 

She know that she is only to have her soother when she is in bed...
So when she had it in her mouth and I asked her if she was going to bed... this is what she did!! I love this girl and her spunk!!

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