Monday, November 9, 2015

We Interupt our Regular Scheduled Programing! -A Bucket List Glitch!

Today should be a bucket list post and although I am working on it, it is proving to be more difficult then I had hoped.

So I thought I would share one of our Summer adventures instead. In a way it is a bucket list item... Jacob had wanted to go camping just the two of us for a couple of summer now. He seems to have had the hardest time adjusting to the littles in our home. Going from being the youngest to the 'big brother' of 3 is a huge adjustment!! One that he has done well with, but he was in great need of some one on one mom time!
With Jacob getting so big, camping in a tent seems just about impossible. But he doesn't like to be left out and I so wanted to fill this seemingly easy request.  Then I remembered being told of  a camp ground with cabins in Kananaskis country right here in Alberta. 
The William Watson Lodge!
It is a true blessing.  Each building has four "cabins" or units. Each unit is fully accessible. The bathroom, the kitchen counters and sink (My 15 year old was so excited to be able to wash the dishes for the first time!), the table, tracking in the ceiling for those who use it. All of the biking trails and walking trails are wheel chair accessible too- no roots to bounce over. A gem only a few hours away!!
So we made a call, booked a cabin, packed up the van and away we went!
(You have to have a priority number assigned to you before you can book. This requires filling out some paperwork and waiting to get it back to you)

Lunch on the road! We were packed to the gills for a four day trip!!
The bike, the bike trailer, art supplies, food, bedding...

We stopped a couple of times on the way there. He is so excited!

Beds are made!
Jacob Loved sharing a room.
It was a wonderful cabin that we stayed in!

Getting ready for our first of many bike rides!  I love our Wiki bike trailer. 
So does Jacob!
He did just about kill me!  We were in the mountains after all and it was up hill one way or the other! 

Getting book covers ready for binding!
(More on this in our next post!)

It was so beautiful! 

The view from Jacob's chair.
(This was a trail off of the lodges property - not wheel chair friendly.)
It was so wonderful to have accessibility wherever we went!

I love that smile my dear boy!!
We live in such an amazing part of the world!

"I told you it would be good Mom"
I told Jacob we could eat outside and have a picnic one evening.  I let him pick the spot. He said 'No' to many and then found this one. 
The look on his face says it all!  He was very impressed with himself!
Ah look at that view! Good pick Jacob!

Joy was felt by all!
I am so blessed to be this boys mom. I love that he wants to hang out with me!  He makes me laugh everyday and brings such joy into our world.
I love having one on one time with each one of my children. It gives us time to step out of our crazy lives and reconnect. I think it is so important. Not that is has to be 4 days away in the mountains, although I highly recommend it! But date night every once in a while can do the same thing.
Lets face it, it is easy to get so caught up in the hard parts of parenthood- discipline, homework, schedules, appointments, and just plain focusing on the difficulties and forget why we wanted to have these children in our lives in the first place! It is so important to have time where happy memories can be created for all of us!
I love being a Mom!!
Hope you can give the little ones in your life some time today, I plan to!