Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey It's All About You!

I just spent a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend.  She is one I can share my dreams and aspirations with, she will listen to my ramblings and my grumblings and still loves me.  She is a true friend.  I am so grateful for her.
She invited me to attend a luncheon with her where we listened to a presentation on brain development and how children's brains are affected by toxic stress and about the importance of nurturing relationships in the healthy development of our little ones.  What we once thought to be so is changing.  We are understanding more and more on the amazing abilities of our minds.
That was very exciting and I enjoyed the yummy lunch (best crème brule I have ever had!) but the real fun came in getting dressed in "grown up" clothes- no goop or stains. And enjoying the company of other adults. Adults I look up to as leading in their fields AND some of them even knew my name!  Yup it was a great afternoon! 
Then as I was leaving I realized something even more astonishing.  The reason that all of those people where gathered together talking about early childhood and brain development was because they are trying to help grow happy, healthier FAMILIES!  Guess who is at the heart and soul of that...yup you guessed it us parents.  Me the Mom!  They were all there sharing what they knew to help me be a better mother to my dear children. 
Isn't it funny how we (Maybe you don't) think that parenthood is less then dressing up in "grown up" clothes, having fancy meals, having adult conversations and contributing to the "real" world?  I am hear to tell you that today I discovered that the "real" world exists so that families can be happy, healthy and together.  Is this a bold statement? Maybe, but take a look at it with me.  Farmers and grocery stores~ so I can feed my children; teachers and schools~ to help me educate my children; wind turbine technicians and other power companies~ so I can keep my children warm and comfortable; amusement parks~ for our entertainment and to help build memories; photographers, hair dressers, fashion designers, pilots... Yup all to help the family look good, be together and capture memories. I am sure that you could come up with some profession that doesn't directly tie into keeping the family happy, healthy and together, but I would suggest that those exist because of the lack of family togetherness, good health and happiness. So if you are a parent and you have a day where the baby won't stop crying, you are covered in goop that you can't identify and you wonder if you will ever stop sticking to the floor and you ask your self why? Just remember you are doing the most important work there is to do! Have a wonderful goopy day! I plan to! Here is the link to the family wellness initiative. They put on the seminar!