This is a page to compare the everyday products we use.  Let's face it, when it comes to raising children and running a house hold every penny counts. And when you add special needs items to the list, the prices just increase.  So if we can help each other avoid the money pits we all win! 
We will give our opinions and hope that you will share yours as well.  If you have a favourite product I hope you will let us know, or if you have a question about a product please ask and we will see if we can get you an answer. 
If you are a company and would like to let us know about your family friendly creation please feel free to contact me.  We would love to take a look at it and share it with others. 

Coming soon... jackets that zip in the back, bike trailers and blenders!

Hotel Report!
This is by no means an all inclusive report, but I did want to high light some places we have stayed at the last few months. 
1. Home Hotels~ We stayed at Home Inn & Suites in Swift Current Saskatchewan on our way home from New Brunswick.  They do have wheel chair accessible rooms with one bed in them and an adapted bathroom, but we found the regular rooms to be perfect if getting in and out of the bathtub is not an issue. They have tons of space for navigating a chair in the main room and a kitchenette!~ full fridge, stove top and sink! The bathroom is your basic bathroom~ no adaptions.  The Plus being there are two queen beds because lets face it, people needing access may want to travel with their whole family!!
So for our family the regular rooms worked perfectly. We had space for everyone, a place to prepare food and store it and since Jacob is not toileting and we can still lift him into the tub this worked really well for us and I highly recommend it! Oh and breakfast is included!

2. Holiday Inn Express :Great Falls, Montana~ We stayed here this past week end (Aug 2013).  We booked their wheel chair accessible room and it was wonderful.  One of only 2 that we have found that has two queen beds. There is lots of room to navigate and a big bathroom with handrails.  The tub is a regular one with two shower heads one standard and a hand held one.  If only they could make the vanity longer.  The chair fit up to it nicely, but there was little space for anything but your toothbrush! 
The indoor pool was nice.  Stairs to get in though, a hot tub and kiddie pool.  A big water slide that is not accessible of course, I found dark and very twirly, Mackenzie loved it! 

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