Wednesday, February 6, 2013


: a desire to travel or "itchy feet"! 
I don't know if it is the time of year, or what, but I am in the mood to travel!  I just put up a world map on my wall and have added picture I printed off of my Pintrest board ~"places I want to see".  France, Australia, English gardens, vineyards in Italy...  Oh the places I could go!
I have ordered planners from different provinces and love to write up itineraries.  But in reality I am not going very far this year.  A camping trip to Saskatchewan maybe into British Columbia but that is probably it!
I have always wanted to travel to every major city in Canada and grade it on it's accessibility.  It would be fun to take a year and pack my family around this amazing country of ours and explore the possibilities that await us.  But since I am not independently wealthy and my children are at the point where their studies are kind of important to their futures, it won't be happening anytime soon. But I think it does hold merit. 
I walked up to a new business in our little town the other day and it didn't have a ramp to get Jacob into the store.  I asked one of the employees about it and she said she wasn't sure if one was in the plans or not and that I was not the first one to ask about.  In this day and age it is amazing to me that a new business can be built without accessibility being factored into the plans.
That being said, before I had Jacob it wasn't something that I often considered.  I guess it is education, which of course brings me back to my idea of travelling the country! ;)
It is good to dream and my dream is that a persons abilities won't decide the store they buy their groceries because every store will be accessible. And when deciding on their trip itineraries all will be open to them because all motels, modes of transportation, amusement parks and cities will have something for everyone.  By the way, did you know that most people in wheel chairs travel alone? At least that is the message being sent to families who try to book a wheel chair accessible room.  They usually only have one queen size bed in them!  We once found a room in Nova Scotia that had a King size bed and a pull out bed.  Finally someone was thinking!  But crazy that that is the exception! 

Hope you get to see your dreams turn into reality, I plan to! Have a wonderful day!

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