Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Nathan

I have had a bit of computer trouble and not been able to post.  Very frustrating!  Maybe it's just me, but it always seems when I decide to become more consistent things pop up to prevent me from following through.  It's like the universe wants to see just how serious I am! Well, I have lost a week, but I am finally ready to go again!  Sooo...

....Without further ado, Let me introduce to you our dear Nathan.
He is our oldest!  Our first to do everything, our first to walk, talk, go to school, and now drive (yikes!)! He knows all about the joys and woes of  being the oldest! The opportunities and the responsibilities. He pulls it all together in his own way!

But who is Nathan?  He is our family photographer, heck he is a general photographer, a thinker, a chef, a fisherman, an all round outdoor adventurer, an entrepreneur, a creative soul and one of my favourite people! 

Fishing in Waterton National Park.
Summer 2012

Back packing in Waterton

What happens when there is just
Too much Homework!

Nathan's 'family famous burger'! 
This was so Yummy!!

Doing what he does!
Capturing the moment!

Hard at work or checking facebook?

Reaching for the top!

On a winter adventure in New Brunswick

I love watching this young man enjoy life.  He is an inspiration to me of how to embrace life and live it to the fullest.  He sets goals and follows through.  He has created and run two businesses.  He is a hard worker with a determined attitude.  And he has fun doing it all!
I Love being his Mom!
Hope you have an inspired day! I hope to!