Monday, January 11, 2016

Sickies in the House

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be catching something!! 
Some of the "Littles" have runny noses and a cough,
Kenzie has a horrible case of strep throat- Golf ball size glands! She is so sick.
Jacob was home Thursday and Friday from school.
The rest of us... seem to be doing okay.. for now! 
(If I say it quietly maybe the germs won't notice!?!)

So what do you do to keep your home and yourself healthy this time of year? I would love to hear anything that works!
Nathan is on the verge of moving out for the next week to see if he can escape the germs. Since that is not an option... I am open to any other ideas!

We are doing our best to wash our hands, use our own drinking glasses, cover our mouths when we cough... we are working on the basics.

Do you have a house hold that stays health the whole year through, that seems to escape the January bugs? What is your secret? Can you share?? I Would love to hear... add it in the comments!!

I hope you stay healthy... I am trying to!

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