Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting Ready for School!!

Maybe I am getting a bit carried away with the photos, but I love how they tell a story. 
So here is a morning in the life of Jacob!

He's a bit sleepy in the mornings!

Ready to get dressed!

Shoes and AFO's left and time for breakfast... but not before a clamber of little siblings wanting a ride to the kitchen!
(They climb on to his lap and off we go!)

Breakfast- Yum!!

In it goes, slowly in the A.M. His tummy needs time to wake up too!

Finally shoes and AFO's- Thank you Mackenzie!
Some mornings getting Jacob ready for school is a family affair.

Super long socks so they stay in place.

Wash the face- yeah he hates it!

Getting the coat on- oh I love that face!!

buckled in

Ready to go- just waiting for the bus!!
And he let me know that he hates the moose hat!!
Is it possible that he really has become a teenager!??

Getting loaded onto the bus!

We have amazing people in our lives and here is one of them!
"Bus Driver Norm"  Picks up Jacob everyday and has a heart of gold!! We are so blessed!
(Yeah, notice the hat change)

It is quite possible she will never forgive me for this picture, but it is the best on that we took and I really wanted to have our dear Ms. Karen included!
Another amazing person with a huge heart who loves "her boys"!
We love you Karen, and sorry!!

All loaded and ready to go!

Up goes the ramp...

And he is off for the day!!
I am so grateful again for the fabulous people in Jacob's life, I am grateful that he is able to go to school, have friends and just be a kid! 
He loves to be included and I love that he can have some form of independence from me just like his siblings!  We live in a wonderful part of the world and in a wonderful time!
Ah Life is Good!

I hope you have a happy day, We plan to!

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