Friday, October 19, 2012

A Long Road Travelled!

It has been months since my last much has filled the time!
In February 2012, my dear husband received a phone call from a former colleague wondering if he would be interested in a job at a college in Alberta. So for the last eight months we have been planning, packing, and moving across this beautiful country of ours.
Most of the family was very excited to be returning "home" to Alberta, some of us, okay mostly me, struggled to find the joy in the journey!
You see, New Brunswick was a wonderful dream for me.  I made extraordinary friends, I had a lovely piece of land to explore, my dear chickens to tend, Hogan to walk and the sea to fill my soul.  It was a time in my life that I will cherish always. 

But I have been told that change is good.  It allows us to get out of our comfort zones and learn new things about ourselves. So -Here's to growth!
I'm not one to shy away from adventure and discovery.  I am excited about this new journey we are on.  I plan to dive in and immerse myself in the...wait a minute, I'm in Alberta I don't know that diving and immersing are quite right.  Let see...I plan to swagger forward and rustle me up some discoveries and grand explorations. I crave to see and appreciate the joys that are right in front of me.  I am ready to change my focus and enjoy the journey!
I hope you will join us on our ventures!

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Uncle Lindy said...

I'll be following your exploits...looking forward to keeping up with you guys.

Sally Lindquist