Monday, February 20, 2012

So Happily Tired!!

I am feeling much better!  Thank you all for your well wishes and concern.

I am Exhausted and it has nothing to do with hitting my head on the ice!  I have just spent the week end with a van load of teenagers!  Friday afternoon we packed the van and headed to Hampton for a Super Saturday with other teens from all over the Maritimes.  Every time I do this I am amazed that there are really good young people out there.  Hope for the future and all of that!
Saturday morning I watched four or five kids in a group visiting, soon it was 6 or 7.  The circle just kept getting bigger and bigger.  It was wonderful to watch little groups join together to make a big happy circle.
They laughed, shared stories and there might have been some showing off too.  I was grateful that my darling children were part of it all. 
I couldn't help thinking back to when I was that age.  I am happy that my children have this opportunity.

Jacob and Colin stayed home this time.  Jacob was very excited to have some time with his dad.  I gave him strict instructions before leaving Not to give all of his hugs and snuggles away, but to save some for me.  And I got the big mischievous smile I always get when I tell him this.  They were heading to rent movies and grab some treats. Sometimes being left at home is a good thing!

I love these great people I call family and I am joyful for the time that we spend together.  Things change so quickly and before I know it the time will be gone.  So I feel happy for the exhaustion.  It means I have been building memories and spending time with some really amazing people on the greatest journey of all.

I hope you have a memorable day with the people you love, I plan to!

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