Monday, March 15, 2010

Passion fruit

Inside Tommy's locker this morning was an ugly, beautiful passion fruit. If you have ever seen one, you will know what I mean. It was left there by a wonderful new friend of mine. Last week some how, we got talking about passion fruit. I have never eaten on before. My friend has and they are one of her favorites. And this morning after the weekend this sweet person thought of me and left me this little gift.
It was the reassurance I needed to know that Tommy is in good kind, thoughtful hands.
You see, this morning I took Tommy to school. It is the beginning of week two at his new school. It is an adjustment for all children to start over. Making new friends, meeting new teachers, getting use to new schedules...And for Tommy it is even more so.
Tommy isn't able to ask questions, like...'"what are we doing next?", "when do I get to go home?', "who is that?", What's your name?". And walking away when he is uncomfortable or wanting to go somewhere else isn't an option either.
So it is no wonder that it has taken him a whole week to let me leave him. It has taken him that long to feel comfortable and for his Angels, I mean Aides to feel they were ready as well.
Tommy has 3 wonderful people working with him (one of which left me the treat!). Two are with him everyday and one is training so she will know him if a sub is needed.
I hope they know what an important job they are doing and the difference they are making in our lives. They have helped to make our new start comfortable and joyful. I hope I can remember to do the same for someone else.

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