Monday, October 26, 2015

PROJECT BUCKET LIST: Create a New Recipe for Supper

Our first bucket list project! 
Jacob LOVES to be in the kitchen.  He has been a helper for years. With hand over hand he can measure out ingredients and dump them into the bowl, stir and whisk like no other and of course he loves to be the official taste tester!
Now that he is 15 it seems only fitting that he take on more of a leading role in creating something delicious!  So here is his adventure in coming up with a new recipe for supper!!

We needed an idea for the protein portion of our meal.  Jacob's choices: fish, pork chops, chicken and stewing beef. Jacob chose pork chops and bacon... We went on line to see what other people were doing with their pork chops and Jacob decided that he wanted to stuff them!
He took a look in the fridge & cupboards then using his "yes" and "no" faces he picked out the ingredients for the stuffing!
Strawberries, spinach, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, cornbread stuffing (the kind that comes in a box!) and some Greek dressing.
The bacon he wanted to save to wrap around the whole thing!

Filling the Chops!

Ready to be wrapped in bacon!
Getting the bacon ready.

Checking to make sure Mom followed his instructions!

Ready for the Oven!!

They smelled amazing while they cooked! 
And what did the family think?
Mackenzie really liked them, Dad ate his all gone, Nathan, our other "chef extraordinaire", thought they were "pretty good"!  And Mom... I think I would only use one of the cheeses next time, but they were yummy!!
Well done Jacob! I can't wait to taste your ice cream creation!!!

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