Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Fresh Start

For the past year I have been blogging about going T.V free on  It has been a great year and now I am excited to move on to this new/old blog.  I started it when we first moved here and it didn't go far.  I sort of fizzled after a few posts.  I had changed the kids names, but now that you know us anyway, I will use their real names.
So what is this blog about?  It is about our travels, those we take in the van, on foot, over water, in our heads, but mostly in our lives.  Hopefully we are moving or travelling forward everyday.  This will be a place to share the itineraries and progress of these travels.
I hope you will join us on our could be fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited to follow you with your new blog. I look forward to hearing all about your travels :) I know you and your family will have a blast discovering new places and things :)
--Sheila :)

The Travellin' mom said...

Thanks Sheila!